Sirui Tripods

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Series Mod# Material sections Max.Diameter Min.Diameter Min.Height Max.H without colum rised Max.Height Withdrawed Height Folded Height Max.H of Monopod Min.H of Monopod Weight Max.Load
        mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg
N n1204 Carbon Fiber 4 25 16 160 1320 1560 510 440 1320 420 1.0 12
N n1205 Carbon Fiber 5 25 13 145 1310 1530 460 400 1330 370 1.0 10
N n2204 Carbon Fiber 4 28 19 170 1390 1650 530 460 1370 430 1.3 15
N n2205 Carbon Fiber 5 28 16 160 1450 1690 490 420 1430 390 1.3 12
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Sirui tripods are constructed from the finest materials in the strongest ways to bring forward quality that is unrivaled. Each tripod is made by the process of forging in which the metal component of the tripod is shaped using localized compressive forces, resulting in a much stronger piece than its equivalent cast or machined part. Because the grain is continuous throughout, the integrity of the metal is maintained, therefore giving rise to a piece with improved strength properties. The surface of each tripod is treated and coated by a process known as colour anodic oxidation to significantly increase the metal's protection against paint-chipping, corrosion and wear.


Sirui's carbon fiber tripods compose of eight-layer carbon fiber, which adds adiditional strength and durability and lightness to the traditional six-layer carbon fiber tripods.


Carbon fiber tripods include: T-1204X, T-1205X, N-1204, N-1205, N-2204, N-2205, M-3204.


Aluminum tripods include: T-1004X, T-1005X.
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